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Why purchase a lighted open sign?

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Open SignOpen Signs can open up your business visibility,  enticing potential customers to enter your small business. Without an open sign, you risk losing potential customers either to the competition, or even just losing them because they think your store is closed. A good open sign serves as an “invitation” of sorts that encourages a visit. Of course, once they are in the store, you have to take it from there…but you can’t sell to someone that isn’t there.

LED signs are starting outnumber neon as the base technology for an open sign. It’s an increasingly popular choice for business signs. Many small businesses use LED open signs because of the light weight, low cost, and bright effects. Putting the sign either in a front window, or the front door of your store is usually the best placement to catch people walking by. A bright open sign doesn’t just catch their eye, it also sends a powerful message that your business may have what they need.

Open signs are also incredibly inexpensive…with high quality signs available for less than $100.  With typical LED open signs lasting 5-8 years, and neon open signs lasting 6-10 years, that’s a tiny investment that will pay for itself over and over again.  A good piece of advice is the buy the largest sign that will work in your particular environment.  Saving $50 by purchasing a small sign might seem shortsighted when you are missing out on customers that couldn’t see or read the smaller sign.

Ensure that potential customers take notice of your small business by putting an LED Open Sign or Neon open sign in the front window of your place of business.

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