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Attracting Customers to Your Store Front

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Window signs are as important to retailers as the array of displays, products and merchandising materials used inside a store. A storefront sign is like a book cover. It intimates what the experience will be like for the consumer as she enters the store. Window signage in front of the store is also like the retailer’s letterhead. A business wouldn’t just slap a few images or words haphazardly on stationery if they want to attract new business. They would put careful thought behind its design. The same should hold true with window signs, particularly the illuminated ones. Designing a storefront with illuminated window signs and promotional items is an art. Retailers who do it correctly can reap large dividends. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Make a Neon Sign

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Making a Neon Sign

Making a Neon Sign

Ever wanted to know how neon signs function? A neon sign is a lighted display built from glass tubes which have been filled with a gas and bent into the shape of letters or decorative designs. When a high-voltage current passes through the gas, the tubes emit light. Although neon gas was originally used in neon signs, many other types of gases are used, too. These gases, along with assorted tints and phosphor coatings for the tubes, create an array of over 50 colors. These neon signs may be as basic as a modest beer sign, or as complex as a 50ft tall structure on the roof of a casino. Read the rest of this entry »