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What do LED Signs Have Over Neon Signs?

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There are two choices to make when searching for something that will highly illuminate the name of your business…and those are either LED or neon.  Lightbox signs, or other traditional signage will not have the same impact.

Choosing which one to go with, however, can be confusing.  Based on our experiences, though, we can share some of the advantages that LED has over Neon.  Hopefully this information  will help point you in the right direction.

The benefits of LED versus Neon

Flexibility of your message is one key advantage with LED signs.  The ability to change your marketing message at will is a unique capability of programmable LED signs .Be it for advertising a big discount or sale or for purely informative purposes like available hours, you can easily do this with an LED sign, and with very minimal effort.

Suppose you own a coffee shop or cafe.  A  neon coffee shop sign can be attractive, but everything is fixed and immovable.  If you opt instead for a programmable sign, you can choose to feature whatever message you like.

Another effect is the scrolling and crawling features.Texts that are moving from top to bottom or left to right  and vice versa comprises the standard crawl feature. There is also a lot of fun to be had by the owners when it comes to custom signs. Its electrical consumption is practically negligible. They utilize a lot less power compared to a neon sign. Now this is an opportunity for you to lower your electricity bill and care more for the environment. Heat cannot build up with these because they are highly resistant. If your sign has been on for more than 24 hours it still doesn’t matter because there is no heat build up and  which further means that you are drawing 75% less energy compared to neon signs.

LED illumination comes in a lot of varying forms. I hope you will not be overwhelmed by the great number of designs that are available for buying. It follows that you can customize your LED signs to fit the needs of your business. You can intrinsically decide and choose what would best fit your business with regard to colors, size, shape, and design.
Why not place your business’ logo or motto into your custom designed signage. Now THAT cannot be beat by anything else out there!

All through out the day, your sign will advertise your company. Neon signage cannot stand the robustness of LED when made to advertise your establishment each and every single day . Which will further show that you can be resting for as long as you want and still your business will be reaching out to different people. That will be the end of flyers and purchasing of ad spaces in the newspapers.

Let your sign do the talking and announcing for you.There is simply no room for adjustment or for change when you use a Neon sign, not like the LED.There’s no doubt that LED signs have a lot more benefits to offer than Neon motel signs. When you compare them, you’ll discover that you will benefit a lot more from an LED sign as it brings about a huge positive impact on your establishment.


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