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Why purchase a lighted open sign?

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Open SignOpen Signs can open up your business visibility,  enticing potential customers to enter your small business. Without an open sign, you risk losing potential customers either to the competition, or even just losing them because they think your store is closed. A good open sign serves as an “invitation” of sorts that encourages a visit. Of course, once they are in the store, you have to take it from there…but you can’t sell to someone that isn’t there.

LED signs are starting outnumber neon as the base technology for an open sign. It’s an increasingly popular choice Read the rest of this entry »

What do LED Signs Have Over Neon Signs?

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There are two choices to make when searching for something that will highly illuminate the name of your business…and those are either LED or neon.  Lightbox signs, or other traditional signage will not have the same impact.

Choosing which one to go with, however, can be confusing.  Based on our experiences, though, we can share some of the advantages that LED has over Neon.  Hopefully this information  will help point you in the right direction.

The benefits of LED versus Neon

Flexibility of your message is one key advantage with LED signs.  The ability to change your marketing message at will is a unique capability of programmable LED signs .Be it for advertising a big discount or sale or for purely informative purposes like available hours, you can easily do this with an LED sign, and with very minimal effort. Read the rest of this entry »